Weekly Blaze: The “P” Word

Hello Gentlemen, Prejudice.  This was the topic of discussion last Wednesday.  I thought our discussion would go one way, but it took a detour, an off-ramp of sorts.  Well, according to my plans anyways . . . Here’s an ‘e word’ for you; Expectations.  We all have them, we all expect something from someone, and I’ll … [Read more…]

Wanna feel like a man?…ACT LIKE ONE.

We’ve talked a lot on the site about why young men today are struggling with the transition from boyhood to mature masculinity–lack of a rite of passage and positive male mentors, a faulty definition of manhood, and sociological and economical shifts are just a few of the reasons we’ve discussed. While all those things have certainly contributed to the enervated state of … [Read more…]

SAVED!…how the world sees Christian high school?

Plot Summary (imdb) Growing up, director and screenwriter Brian Dannelly attended a Catholic elementary school, a Baptist high school and a Jewish summer camp. “In my high school, we weren’t allowed to dance,” he reminisces. “Everybody had to be at least six inches away from the opposite sex at all times. We had record burnings, … [Read more…]

Weekly Blaze

Hey Guys, Hope to see you all tonight, at Lincoln Christian Church, Rm. #300, upstairs, 6:30pm-7:30pm, as we begin our study on “The Hard Teachings of Jesus”.  This is a 6 session study, free, and no study materials are required on this one. Todd Henry, a Men on Fire main-guy, as well as a member of Lincoln Christian Church, will be leading us … [Read more…]

The H.O.T. Roof Got Raised!

For many years the Harvest of Talents ministry at Lincoln Christian Church had a desperate need for  permanent storage space. The Men on Fire men’s ministry recognized this need and rounded up a crew of 19, and a team of gracious donors. The result was a powerful example of what God can do through a … [Read more…]

Secret to Greatness: Teddy Roosevelt

“We found that there was no need of genius, nor, indeed, of any unusual qualities. What was needed was the exercise of the plain, ordinary virtues, of a rather commonplace type, which all good citizens should be expected to possess. Common sense, common honesty, courage, energy, resolution, readiness to learn, and desire to lie as … [Read more…]