The Gospel and the Gender Wars

The universal tensions between men and women sometimes show up in their most innocuous form in jokes from women about men who fail to clean up after themselves around the house, or from men about women who can’t remember to keep their cell phones turned on. But the gender tensions run into much darker territory… … [Read more…]

Tom Petty on Greed

“Through these hypnotic eyes, we’re told we’re nothing if we don’t have a mansion and dress like a movie star,” Tom Petty says. “I’ve never seen so much jewelry advertised. It’s hard on a young person to not think that’s the game. When I was growing up, people didn’t expect to get a swimming pool. … [Read more…]

Wanna feel like a man?…ACT LIKE ONE.

We’ve talked a lot on the site about why young men today are struggling with the transition from boyhood to mature masculinity–lack of a rite of passage and positive male mentors, a faulty definition of manhood, and sociological and economical shifts are just a few of the reasons we’ve discussed. While all those things have certainly contributed to the enervated state of … [Read more…]

Secret to Greatness: Teddy Roosevelt

“We found that there was no need of genius, nor, indeed, of any unusual qualities. What was needed was the exercise of the plain, ordinary virtues, of a rather commonplace type, which all good citizens should be expected to possess. Common sense, common honesty, courage, energy, resolution, readiness to learn, and desire to lie as … [Read more…]

Be Like Bourne: Situational Awareness

“…situational awareness is simply knowing what’s going on around you. It sounds easy in principle, but in reality requires much practice. And while it is taught to soldiers, law enforcement officers, and yes, government-trained assassins, it’s an important skill for civilians to learn as well. In a dangerous situation, being aware of a threat even … [Read more…]

The Torture of Porn

There once existed a now-outlawed form of execution in China called, Ling Chi, or slow torture. This form of execution was given to the worst of offenders with this idea: none of the wounds were fatal, but they were all powerful when added together. Sadly, we’ve given our society a different sentence, with the same … [Read more…]

Are Your Pants On Fire?

* Say what people want to hear. * Lie to get your way. * Don’t admit if you did something wrong. * Lie to friends and family when you want to hide what you think or feel. * To get the best deal, don’t tell salespeople the truth. * Promises are made to be broken. … [Read more…]