Weekly Blaze: Get Your Bounce On!

Hey Men! We are meeting Wednesday, October 17, 2017, 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Todd Henry is continuing the Hard Teachings of Jesus series.  This week is “Part 2 of Inside Out” in reference to Matthew 12:33-37.  Bring your bibles and your questions. What’s new! Men on Fire will be monitoring a inflatable bouncey house and a obstacle course at the Harvest of Talents, so … [Read more…]

Men on Fire Prayer Alert!!

Men! David Riggs, one of own Wednesday night guys, is in a Springfield, IL hospital. A medication he had been taking for the past 15 years has decided to create a sudden allergic reaction causing his mouth and throat to swell. He was in the Lincoln hospital for 20 minutes before being rushed by ambulance to Springfield. … [Read more…]

Weekly Blaze: The “P” Word

Hello Gentlemen, Prejudice.  This was the topic of discussion last Wednesday.  I thought our discussion would go one way, but it took a detour, an off-ramp of sorts.  Well, according to my plans anyways . . . Here’s an ‘e word’ for you; Expectations.  We all have them, we all expect something from someone, and I’ll … [Read more…]

Weekly Blaze

Hey Guys, Hope to see you all tonight, at Lincoln Christian Church, Rm. #300, upstairs, 6:30pm-7:30pm, as we begin our study on “The Hard Teachings of Jesus”.  This is a 6 session study, free, and no study materials are required on this one. Todd Henry, a Men on Fire main-guy, as well as a member of Lincoln Christian Church, will be leading us … [Read more…]

The H.O.T. Roof Got Raised!

For many years the Harvest of Talents ministry at Lincoln Christian Church had a desperate need for  permanent storage space. The Men on Fire men’s ministry recognized this need and rounded up a crew of 19, and a team of gracious donors. The result was a powerful example of what God can do through a … [Read more…]

Thriving or Dying?

Hello Men! Take a good look at each of these pictures, in order. If you could choose only one picture which represents your relationship with God, which would it be? #1 would be a vibrant, healthy relationship, #2 would be starving and in need of a lot of help, but still sorta surviving, and #3 … [Read more…]