SAVED!…how the world sees Christian high school?

Plot Summary (imdb) Growing up, director and screenwriter Brian Dannelly attended a Catholic elementary school, a Baptist high school and a Jewish summer camp. “In my high school, we weren’t allowed to dance,” he reminisces. “Everybody had to be at least six inches away from the opposite sex at all times. We had record burnings, Read more about SAVED!…how the world sees Christian high school?[…]

“Lars and The Real Girl”…and “real” Church love

(DVD) “Last night I rented “Lars and the Real Girl”, a fascinating movie about a young man who buys a life-size doll and presents her to his family as his girlfriend.  After a consultation with their family doctor, his brother and sister-in-law decide to go along with it (his brother begrudgingly) and carefully tell co-workers, Read more about “Lars and The Real Girl”…and “real” Church love[…]

Are you “TrueFaced”?

“The day of self-righteous, religious performing for cheap applause is coming to an end.” TrueFaced draws a clear distinction between two very different underlying motives: my determination to please God or to trust Him. The resulting difference from these two starting points could not be more profound. One results in a striving that never feels Read more about Are you “TrueFaced”?[…]