Hey Men!

I come to you with mixed emotions. These last 2 weeks have been packed with roller-coaster events. Praise, heartache, tragedy and victory . . . but all in the name of our loving, caring and victorious God! So forgive me in advance for putting all this into one brief email.

If anyone wants any more details of what is mention here, please contact me directly.

First, the praise. Two weeks ago, a dozen Men on Fire guys went to Roger Bakken’s home and prayed over him and his wife. A cancerous tumor was found and removed surgically from Roger’s neck, it was unknown at that time if had spread to the rest of his body. Our time of prayer for him was a great blessing for him AND us! God was evident in that room. Roger recently had a PET scan and NO cancer was found! However, as a precaution, his doctor advised he have additional surgery to remove some neck lymph nodes and scrape the back of his tongue at his larynx for any residual cancer cells. This surgery is set for 8am, August 6th in Springfield, IL. Please pray for his surgery success and a smooth recovery.

Second, a need for help. For anyone who knows Tracy/Lori Thomas, they are moving back to Lincoln, IL and need help unloading a moving van. All willing to help can just show up at their new home this Sunday, August 5 at 5pm, 812 Clinton St., Lincoln. Call Tracy at 618-237-0145 with any questions.

Thirdly, Men on Fire will be hosting and presenting a Talent Night event October 6th!! All hands on board are needed. We will be giving all profits to The Harvest of Talents ministry in celebration of their 35th year! Nationally known comedian Bob Smiley will be our main event, along with Springfield, IL comedian Jeremy Nunes. Additionally we will have some surprise local talent as well. Go to talentnight.brushfire.com or our church’s front office for tickets. This will be a great ‘date night’ opportunity, in addition to raising money to feed hungry children from around the world!

Fourth, we all need to be in prayer and support for Rick and Karen Hobler. On July 31, their son, Matthew succumbed to cancer and is now in the presence of our Almighty and loving God. This has been a terrible blow to Rick and their whole family, so if you do anything, please continue prayers of peace and God’s presence. Matthew’s memorial service will be held at Lincoln Christian Church, Saturday, August 11, starting at 3pm.

Fifth, prayers are also needed for Phyllis Ramos and their family. Also on July 31, Jim Ramos, Phyllis’ husband passed away due to a sudden heart attack just 4 days prior. Jim was an Associate Pastor at Lincoln Christian Church a number of years ago. He was also involved in men’s ministry and a great mentor to me and many other men. So tragically sudden for a man full of life and vigor. His Godly imprint is evident with everyone he came in contact. While we mourn his absence, we joyfully sing praises to Him for Jim’s eternal presence in a holy and heavenly realm. Jim’s visitation is Monday, August 6, 4pm-6pm in Champaign, IL and the funeral will be on Tuesday, August 7 at 11am.

Sixth, praise and gratitude to all those that helped with the Men on Fire Phillips Home Painting Project! We completed our goal of painting as much as we could and replacing the front porch steps. Another Men on Fire project completed with skill, steadfastness and honor! The Phillips family were so appreciative and thankful for all our hard work and dedication to not only getting it done, but going above-and-beyond the call of duty!

Here are some pictures of the final phase of the Phillips project and of our Talent Night event.

In the next week or so, we will be revealing our next awesome and manly study, as well as when we will start our Wednesday night meetings.

Blessings and Forge-on guys!!
Tim Becke
Men on Fire men’s ministry of Lincoln Christian Church