Dad of 2 in need of short term help

Here’s Josh’s story:

“I am a daddy of 2 little girls, my wife Jen and I are both active in our church running the nursery every week.

This past Labor Day weekend, I was running and playing with my oldest daughter, Lorisa.  As I was running, I slipped on wet grass and severely injured the hamstring in my leg.

I have been unable to work since then.  I do have some medical coverage, so I am currently being treated for this injury, but I have no coverage for my lost wages.

I hope to be back to work towards the end of October or middle of November 2017.

Jen is working, but it is not enough to cover our home and vehicle payments.  Neither bank is willing to work with us if a payment is missed.  Both monthly payments are $1100, excluding any late payment fees or penalties.

This is so stressful for me because I have always been able to provide for my family, but now I feel useless.  Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much.  The Riggs

Help out the Riggs Family

This is one proud and responsible young dad and this is a last resort for him before he gets deeper in debt.  Thank you all for giving.

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