Are Your Pants On Fire?

* Say what people want to hear.
* Lie to get your way.
* Don’t admit if you did something wrong.
* Lie to friends and family when you want to hide what you think or feel.
* To get the best deal, don’t tell salespeople the truth.
* Promises are made to be broken.
* Lie to protect the ones you love.
* Develop a good story or excuse to cover it up.
* It’s ok to renege on deals—walking away from agreements.

Ok, that probably wasn’t how you were educated at school or home. More likely, you were taught to be truthful. Yet it’s likely you learned more from what parents, TV, and the world did—than said. You learned to successfully hide the truth. And, we’ve lied to ourselves thinking something is true in the moment, when it wasn’t.

(“When Do People Lie To You?” / Joel Fay)

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