The Gospel and the Gender Wars

The universal tensions between men and women sometimes show up in their most innocuous form in jokes from women about men who fail to clean up after themselves around the house, or from men about women who can’t remember to keep their cell phones turned on. But the gender tensions run into much darker territory… … [Read more…]

Tom Petty on Greed

“Through these hypnotic eyes, we’re told we’re nothing if we don’t have a mansion and dress like a movie star,” Tom Petty says. “I’ve never seen so much jewelry advertised. It’s hard on a young person to not think that’s the game. When I was growing up, people didn’t expect to get a swimming pool. … [Read more…]

Weekly Blaze: Get Your Bounce On!

Hey Men! We are meeting Wednesday, October 17, 2017, 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Todd Henry is continuing the Hard Teachings of Jesus series.  This week is “Part 2 of Inside Out” in reference to Matthew 12:33-37.  Bring your bibles and your questions. What’s new! Men on Fire will be monitoring a inflatable bouncey house and a obstacle course at the Harvest of Talents, so … [Read more…]

Men on Fire Prayer Alert!!

Men! David Riggs, one of own Wednesday night guys, is in a Springfield, IL hospital. A medication he had been taking for the past 15 years has decided to create a sudden allergic reaction causing his mouth and throat to swell. He was in the Lincoln hospital for 20 minutes before being rushed by ambulance to Springfield. … [Read more…]